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Somewhere in Time

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Tracks in Time, E6804
"Tracks In Time"<br />
 High Bridge over Deer Creek,<br />
Delphi, Indiana<br />
2009<br />
High Bridge is an abandoned railroad bridge that crosses over Deer Creek.  Hiking along the Deer Creek brought me to the bridge.  Historians from Delphi will lead individuals through the ages as a tour takes them past the old racetrack, the slate bluffs, a waterfall, and the railroad trestle.    <br />
<br />
"Tracks"<br />
Poem by Elaine McConnell<br />
<br />
 <br />
Tracks<br />
Going away or going to<br />
Somewhere known or somewhere new.<br />
<br />
Tracks<br />
Lines so close, but fade afar<br />
Closeness and distance, like the stars.<br />
<br />
Rails to nowhere<br />
Not unlike my mind<br />
Thoughts to guide and unwind.<br />
<br />
High Bridge, a bridge no more<br />
Holds the tracks above the woods<br />
Enables eyes to view nature's goods.<br />
<br />
Black and white,<br />
Is it real?<br />
Are there shades or gray, or is it steel?<br />
<br />
Eyes can see what they want<br />
Tracks that come or tracks that go<br />
Only my mind is to know.<br />
<br />
<br />
4 x 5 Large Format Film